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We, the youth at Emmanuel Haitian Church, are a group of young adults who are striving to grow closer to Christ. The goal of the youth leaders at Emmanuel is to help each youth develop in their walk and relationship with Christ. We want to help them find their identity in Christ. We also want them to be confident in whom they are in Christ as they embark on their journey in life. We know the youth in our generation are facing many trails and challenges that will test their faith and character. We want each youth to be proud of who they are in Christ and willing to shine their light in any situation.

We want to help the youth as they face trials in school, work, and at home, by equipping them with the right tools to help them be strong in their faith.

Teaching these young adults how to read and meditate on the word, how to pray, worship, and how to spread the gospel is our passion. We pray that we can be a light and a driving motivation for the youth to be a light in this dark generation. We want to win young hearts for Christ, build Men and Women of God and send them to where God is calling them to be the light in the future and have fun while doing it.

We have a vision that God will use the youth in Emmanuel to impact the world for eternity! We know with the power of God this shall come to pass. Winning, building, and sending is our passion, heart and passion at Emmanuel Haitian Church.

Meeting Time:

  • Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday at 2:15 pm
  • Choir practice every 2nd and 3rd Sunday
  • Leadership Training every 1st and 3rd Sunday
  • Special youth Events every 3rd Friday